Since 2010 we have donated over $145,000 from the Ride for Help and Hope to My Breast Cancer Support. Their mission is to provide financial and emotional support to breast cancer patients of the Greater Seacoast area of New Hampshire and Southern Maine on their individual paths towards wellness. Their mission goes hand in hand with what NE-W4K is trying to accomplish.


My Breast Cancer Support was formerly known as was founded in 2005 as the result of an online journal affectionately nicknamed Bald Wendy that was started by Wendy McCoole, Executive Director and Founder, to keep her family and friends updated as she progressed through her breast cancer treatments in 2004.


The mission of the organization was to provide an online community where patients and caregivers could write, read and share their experiences with loved ones and with one another.


In 2011 the organization decided to re-focus its efforts and start supporting breast cancer patients and their family members within their local community. Soon after they changed their name to My Breast Cancer Support.


Working with the hospitals in Portsmouth, Exeter, Dover, Rochester, York, Sanford and Biddeford, My Breast Cancer Support has helped thousands of local patients take the day-to-day stress out of their lives so they can focus their energy on getting WELL. Here are some of the ways they help!


  • HOPE CHESTS Each of the hospitals we work with has a Hope Chest filled with gas cards, WalMart gift cards, plus gift cards to restaurants and the movies. Items are given to patients by a staff member should they need some assistance or simply a night out to enjoy themselves.


  • HOUSEHOLD ASSISTANCE We are able to help with utility bills, rent, home heating oil, cleaning, repairs and more.


  • PATIENT GIFT BAGS When a new patient is seen for the firts time they receive a bag that contains comforting gifts including a journal, scarf, relaxation CD and a calendar/planner.


  • BOOKS We provide the hospitals with a number of age appropriate children's books that help them to better cope as their parent goes through breast cancer as well as books for parents and spouses.


  • MENTORS for KIDS In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sister of the Greater Seacoast we are now able to offer a mentoring program for children with a parent going through cancer.


  • TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIPS There are a number of wonderful breast cancer conferences and retreats locally and nationally, and we have a travel scholarship program that helps offset costs for patients to attend.


For more information on MBCS and other programs they are currently providing, please CLICK HERE



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